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At Home

You can help your children reach for success by doing the following:

  • Make time to sit down with your children and talk about their report cards and progress reports. Commend areas where they are being successful. Problem solve together about how they can make improvements in areas where they are not being successful and make realistic short-term goals. View the report as a tool for planning your child’s growth in the next marking period.
  • Reach out to your children’s teachers. Make appointments to conference with them and keep in telephone contact to monitor your children’s progress once you have met and decided on some steps to address problem areas.
  • Ensure that your children have a routine at home for doing homework and study. As much as possible, help them find a quiet, calm, and peaceful place to work away from the distractions of TV, telephones, and video games.
  • Engage your children in conversations about what they are learning in school. Ask them to show you their homework when they have finished and to teach you something important that they have learned each day in math or reading. The ability to teach something is a great way to deepen learning and test whether knowledge or skills have been understood and retained.
  • Ask your children often about their dreams and visions for the future. Help them define and describe them. Guide them in their understanding of how to make these dreams reality. Remind them about what they need to do NOW in school in order to keep these dreams and visions clear and present.
  • Let your children know each day how much you love them and believe in them, and that you know that doing their best in school and doing their homework each day will help them become scholar champions!
  • READ with your children as much as you can. Even 8th graders are not too old to be read to or for you to invite them to read to you or a younger sibling. Keep logging your reading minutes together and contribute them to our school-wide literacy campaign-bank so that as a community we can celebrate and be empowered by reading!