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Report Cards

A very important way that you can support your child when they receive their report card or progress report is to take time to really be present to your child and talk about his/her achievement. Please consider these suggestions as you do this:

  • Set aside a special time where your whole attention can be given to your child, away from the distractions of TV or house hold duties.
  • Look for the good news first and signs of improvement from the last cycle and PRAISE your child for his/her accomplishments no matter how small or great.
  • Calmly focus on the areas of need both in the academic and core value results. Ask your child about how he/she feels and what can be done to make improvements. Avoid punishment and angry words or actions. With love, firmness, and kindness guiding your voice, decide on a fair and reasonable action plan.
  • Call your child’s teacher to set up a time to talk about any concerns that you have about report card results and ways that you can work TOGETHER to address concerns and ensure growth.
  • If you are a parent/guardian of a child in grades 5-8, please review our Promotion/Graduation Standards carefully. If your child is at risk based on the results for the first and second marking periods, you will be invited to come to school to meet with your child’s teacher and the administration. Our aim is to intervene early, so that graduation to the next grade will not be negatively impacted.